Necessary Sacrifice

September 24, 2009
By MattShively214 BRONZE, Clackamas, Oregon
MattShively214 BRONZE, Clackamas, Oregon
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Lying waste on mother earth.
Gray haze in the sky.
Blood on the hands of representatives.
We must change the world,
You and I.

The world spins everyday and she’s showing it’s alive.
What will we do when we make her stop?
One man can’t carry the weight of the world.
We must unite or she will drop.

I say get up!
You must do what’s right.
Don’t you dare fight the light.

The truth is we have to change.
The truth is we have scarred the world.
The truth is we are a lazy race.
The truth is it is time for us all to make sacrifices.

I say we clear the sky.
I say we clean the powered.
I say we filter the waste.
I say we feed the hungry.
I say life.
I say genesis…

The author's comments:
I think we are shortening the Earths life because of the things we do daily. We all need to make sacrifices so we can do better for the world and environment. Ultimately, we need to change the world in a positive way if we want to live our lifes in peace

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