September 24, 2009
By Nephilim BRONZE, McAllen, Texas
Nephilim BRONZE, McAllen, Texas
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I am chained…

By the woman I love and care about

By the fear of losing her, the pain it would cause

I ignore other women, to rid myself of temptation and doubt

I’ve become the saint to hide my flaws
I am chained…

By my family ties

By the expectations and decrees they set forth

I am kind and respectful to reflect truth in my eyes

I’ve become the angel to show what I’m worth
I am chained…

By my morals and values

By my perspective of philosophy and its lawful allure

I am just, I am righteous, I have paid my dues

I’ve become the judge, focused and pure

I am the Saint, the Judge, and the Angel as well
I am restrained by these chains that keep me from hell
And I am held in the arms
Of all that I have
Now and forever
Till death do I part…
I am free from these chains!

My beloved is gone

My fear has fled with her, my pain as well

I ravish these women from dusk until dawn
I’ve been reborn as the sinner to overcome hell
I am free from these chains!

My family has died

Their decrees have no meaning, all expectations are mine

The ashes have settled, my tears have dried

I am the demon and I am divine
I am free from these chains!

My morals are dead, my values broken

My philosophy is chaos and it is my creed

The fallen will live by the words I have spoken

They call me death, for my soul has been freed
I am the Sinner, the Demon, and Death all in one
Your perspective deems me evil, but mine calls me just
As long as I live, my lover is chaos
For I have nothing, and nothing holds me back

The chained may have all, but all keeps him bound
The unchained has nothing, so freedom is his name
For “It’s not until we’ve lost everything, that we’re free to do anything”

The author's comments:
i had the ideas for this poem in my head for a while but i didn't know how to put it together until i heard the quote that i put at the ending. It's from fight club and i thought that it went well with my ideas, and after a few rough drafts I finally got it to make sense.

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