Moon Of The Shepherd MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The shepherd moon is out tonight,

A moon to watch by,

A moon to wait by.

On the porch, with blanket and rocking chair and dying yellow porch


In the attic room, with skylight and candle and pillow.

At the kitchen table, with coffee and radio and window overlooking

the driveway.

Nobody has perfected waiting like me.

No one keeps a watch like I keep a watch.

Not even the shepherds,

counting all those woolly bodies,

Knew my dedication.

All the stories

Silly - talking about your death -

The way they shake heads at me

and sigh.

Every night I think I can hear your return

in a car door click

or a doorbell

or a wildly lost laugh.

And they all look with sad eyes.

But they have not seen the shepherd moon!

So I will keep my post,

Even if only the moon will stay up with me.

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