Somewhere To Be MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I wake up.

The sound of a car speeding up the dirt road

drifts into the cabin.

I drag myself outside and welcome

the clean, fresh air.

I take a deep breath.

I hear black birds joyfully singing and

the high-pitched laughter of

children playing tag.

Mighty, tall trees sway back and forth,

dancing to my blaring music.

I toss my paper Dixie cup into the fire and

watch it slowly burn into a

black clump of nothing.

A fat daddy long leg spider

creeps by my foot.

I smile and quickly decide,

"I'll spare you this time."

I lie down on the soft, thick grass and

watch the cottonball clouds take shape.

All my worries seem to float away.

I am alone.

I am with nature.

I am free.

Here I am,

somewhere to be.

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