Sitting On The Couch This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   Watching it all go by,

High are the mountains seen,

Green are the meadows showed;

Rode are all the streets within;

Then, there's seen static and snow;

Lo! It's only for a while;

Style is the essence,

Pleasant is the sound that's heard;

Words turn into finely written shouts -

Sitting on the couch ...

Violence turns into blood,

Poured from every idea scorned,

Warned is the public listening,

Glistening is the working mind;

Rewind and watch again;

Then, it all seems so very clear.

A tear trickles down; there's gloom;

Soon, laughs replace it all;

Overall, it beats getting out -

Sitting on the couch ...

Two bodies merge themselves together;

What never could shelves of writing quite describe;

Bribes of politicians disclosed,

Shows relay their messages,

Passages of dreams are recognized,

Lies and broken promises realized,

Once disguised in masks of letters,

Shelters existing in the mind;

Find all the fitting doubts -

Sitting on the couch ...

Stars do constantly twinkle,

Sprinkle spices on new food,

Sued people take the stand,

Bland language is always used;

Who'd think it could be different?

Peppermint freshens the breath of thought,

Sought is some kind of stimulus,

Victuals that feed the floundering of vision;

Wisdom watches the witty crouch -

Sitting on the couch ...

The wanton waits while concentration hesitates,

Inflates is all that's in between,

Seen is what we scorn to be;

See though, it is what we already are;

Bar no ideas ever to be dreamt,

Exempt none too large a scope,

But hope it doesn't eat the world alive;

Thrive on all consumed,

Ruined bids of bidding crowds -

Sitting on the couch ...

Clouds of spearmint seem serene;

Unclean, however, is what it is,

Blemishes on the red of blood,

A rod absorbing electricity,

Eccentricity mocked and teased,

Breezing by the brooding times,

Chimes ringing on forever,

Whether or not they were blown by wind.

Pinned bodies do scream "Ouch!"

Sitting on the couch ...

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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