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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I like the scent of

summer roses, the


always present


scent of the red, red


Sometimes I like to

sit on the grass and

watch the night

sky and the far-away stars,

as they laugh their

silvery laughs.

I watch the parade of stars

marching through the black sky

and I feel

- though just for a moment - happy.

I like the rain.

The rain that

reveals the loneliness and sorrow

of the big marshmallow clouds.

I like the sun,

for it is the sun that

sheds light even in

the darkest corners of

my mind and

makes my face light up

as only one person can do.

That person is you.

I like the way my

heart beats faster and

my cheeks become rosy and

the corners of my lips turn up in a

smile whenever you're near.

I even like the hollow

space you leave behind

because even though you're gone,

a solitary trace of your existence

lingers in my mind.

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