Origin of Thought

September 23, 2009
By Anonymous

i believe

there's an ability called Wisdom inside us.
it flows through your thoughts, feelings, and speech,
though so extremely subtle, we overlook its reach.
it may be a sense, like your hear, see or feel,
but its so more complex and almost surreal.
it surfaces more shallow at times more than some.
you'll feel it but sadly you stomp out its hum.
it has been named, but none which embrace,
the truest and fullest look of its face.
its been called intuition, its closely named brother,
but believe me, this one is like no other.
you might name it better, in the following lined:
"I just had a feeling" though no one word assigned.
knowledge is closer, but only when used right,
for perspective is key when unearthing this insight.
enlightment is yet closer and can almost unfold,
the closer meaning of this idea untold.
if you delved in its depths, there would not be
anything veiled, nothing unseen.
for it is the ultimate knowing, the truth of all lies.
the capacity to see past all in disguise.
its the answer to all which it runs itself through,
there's nothing kept hidden while under its hue.
confusion and uncertainty would cease to exist,
clarity, enlightment, and sureness subsist.
and all it possesses, posses it in return,
and all that posses it are connected in turn.
the doorway's in us, yet never we pry.
the closest we come is just but a spy.
and only by chance and not all aware,
that what we are seeing, nothing can compare.
all that is known is always inside,
the key is how the key is derived.
and if one could find it, and open it completely,
that one who enters it would be crowned discretely.
and he who knows all that there is to be known,
would erase the unfeasible, when Wisdom he does own.

The author's comments:
an interesting idea i came up, almost a theory, about thinking, thought, life, consciousness, and a link between them all.

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