The feel of Music

September 23, 2009
By WolfPack15 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
WolfPack15 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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The beginning of my life is rather depressing but things have happened over the last few years that have changed my life. I was what some would call a troubled child. I was secluded from the group, receiving only average grades, coming from divorced parents, diagnosed with ADD, prone to violence and even had suicidal thoughts. Then the fall of 2007 I was introduced to an instrument, the guitar.
I began to learn Kryptonite. The song seemed to flow as if I had already learned it a long time ago. As I learned the different notes the feeling was both overwhelming and intoxicating. My fingers fused to the strings, and the music felt like a fresh rain or a first kiss. From then on playing music became my dream, the highlight of my life. The music flowed through my finger tips as it began to seem as though nothing else mattered. My life was redefined. I felt as though there was no song I couldn’t learn. No boundary that I couldn’t be cross.
Within two years music became second nature and spread through me like wild fire, creating the new center of my universe. I picked up a bass guitar and felt the music move me and flow through me, like new blood in my veins. The drums felt like an exclamation point on a new beginning the beat that could move others. The piano was a cleansing bath that added the frosting to my incredible cake they call music, a new life within me. I knew the music would never stop, the flow of a raging river untamable, ferocious.
As my life goes on I am going to continue to learn more about music and apply it to my life. My life has been changed and I hope to give this gift to someone else. There is much more to learn and if I have been able to change one life with music all my work will be worth it. As Mozart told his student, “You cannot quit music, it will continue with you even after you die.” I find this to be the most valid statement in my life. My life will go on with a new meaning, a new goal: to play music.

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