My Skinny Aneroxia

September 22, 2009
By xXkittygrrxX BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
xXkittygrrxX BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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I wake.
I walk slowly across the dark room.
Walk in front of the large grey mirror. look at my reflection. take my hands and start feeling my boney structure. I slide my hands up my chest i can feel my ribs. Their are 6 bones. i feel my bone hips poinying out. I feel my collar bone coming out. I can feel my skin drooping. My boney knees. I feel my bones but i dont see the damage. They say im too skinny. I disagree. they call me strange and skeleton girl. I want to be beauftiful , only the beautiful girls starve. i want to be skinny i want to be pretty. I cant see what other people see. I think im almost beautiful just a few more days and i think ill reach my goal. The docter says im down to 50 pounds for a 14 year old girl. I want to be 10 pounds. i want to fit into a size 0 dress. i want to be beautfiul like a model, skinny bodys pretty eyes and all the guys after her with cameras in her face. yes yes yes i think im almost their yes almost..

The author's comments:
I used to want to be aneroxic now ive accepted myself but now they are afraid i might be obese i want to lose weight but i will make sure i dont reach the limit.

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