See Me?

September 21, 2009
By JusticeDreams BRONZE, New York, New York
JusticeDreams BRONZE, New York, New York
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I tell me to live life as freely as I can
But you don't see the sea in me so what do you see in me
I see the trees in me, the seas in me, the me in me

I see me
You see something that I don't see
So close your eyes and see what I see
The real me that people fail to see
Something I've striven to be

I know you can be
one of the first that see me
when you look into my eyes
See the smile battling the cries

See the light overcoming the dark
See the eyes full of remark
I sit on a corner and stare at the mark
That was left there by the before
I'm awaken by a bark

Now I'm back it again
and you still don't get me
Shaking my head
To what you fail to see

Only I see the real me

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