September 21, 2009
By Merlins_Magic GOLD, Clarksville, Tennessee
Merlins_Magic GOLD, Clarksville, Tennessee
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"Forgive your enemies but never forget their names." - John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. (Better known as JFK)

I must tell you,
the wonderfully, imaginative story of,
a beautiful band,
as tight as a glove,

They sing in shows around the world,
little pixies against a summers night,
their feet prance,
with starry delight,

They whistle as the work continues on,
every single, bright shiney day,
melodic tunes,
making my heart sway,

Plump as a sun-drenched cat,
sitting on a frosty window purch,
watching the sunday goers,
hustle to church,

The voices of angels,
singing of pride in the stormy sea,
faces of satin silk, of handsome stone,
for they define the word beauty,

Whisk me away!
their words carry me to worlds unseen,
and never to be touched,
is the emotion mean,

Many join to the beat of the drum they steadily play,
line up in neat little rows,
take your orders, drummer boy,
he commands you, he knows,

Slowly we fall,
into the abyss of melodic harmony,
to be swallowed into the belly of,
a musical matrimony,

The names! The names!
what shall they be?
you do not know them, do you?
they simply are and always will be: Dan, Greg, Elias, Mat and Jonny,

Hmm! I have become ravenous,
I think i will enjoy an ooey-gooey yellow banana,
oh, the band?
they are, Kill Hannah!

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