Smile & Act Happy

September 21, 2009
By AimeeH BRONZE, Regina, Other
AimeeH BRONZE, Regina, Other
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Smiling my fake smile

Showing my false happiness

Ignoring everything

Working out suicidal thoughts in my head

Forgot to take my meds today

Didn`t feel the like there was any reason to keep on taking them

I hate what I turn into and feel like when I take them

I wish I could just be me

But when I am people look at me as if I am weird

And I can`t help but wonder ``did I do something wrong``

I sounded just fine in my own ears

Maybe that`s just it I seem normal to myself but to most people I am a weirdo

I`m just an outcast nobody knows the real me just the drugged out version

Making me fall deeper into my depression

The author's comments:
Not much to know.
It is not inspired by a true story.

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