Closet Land MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   In my closet

I fly with birds and planes

And take horse rides on sugar-powdered lanes.

In my closet

I am surrounded by unicorns

And dance in fields of blazing gold corn.

In my closet

I sing sonnets with blue-eyed mermaids

Surrounded by sparkling red rubies and jewels of green jade.

In my closet

I sip tea with kings and queens

While tropical fish drive us to the castle in teams.

In my closet

I dream alone,

No one knows where I am.

In my closet

I sometimes open my eyes,

Finding myself

Amidst worn coats and old jackets.

Here is safer than any bed

underneath where monsters hide

Safer than a mother's arms

which may also be used to punish

Safer than a friend's smile

on a face that may betray.

In my dreams

I am in a closet

A place where I can hide.

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