At The Ocean's Shore MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Standing at the ocean's shore I think of you and nothing more.

I can't believe the way I feel, I truly think that this is real.

I wonder how it would have been if it were you instead of him,

I wonder what you're doing now,

I wonder why, I wonder how.

Will we ever meet again?

Sometimes I walk along the street and everyone I see

Resembles you and makes me dream you were still in love with me.

Your favorite place, the ocean's shore,

Never before appealed to me,

But since you left I find the shore

As the only place I long to be.

You taught me that the ocean's waters were warm and gentle tears,

That gathered up from all the sadness of lovers through the years.

And how the waves whether great or small are much like humans too,

The large waves being most like me and the simples ones like you.

You told me I was like the strong wave achieving more when on my own,

Well now I know that you were wrong for I'm in need most every day,

For you my love to stand by me each minute of the day.

I can't help but wonder if you prepared me for the time you had to leave,

By teaching me that the strong waves are the only waves to be.

The sense of love I once had

The only love I knew,

Is not the kind I feel when I'm with another,

Another none like you.

I talk to you when I'm alone though I know you cannot hear,

I dream of someday reaching you as a soft voice inside your ear.

If I cannot be with you and you cannot be with me,

I still know where I can find you,

In my heart you will always be.

My emotions never abandoned me when you walked out the door,

And they develop even further each time I'm at the ocean's shore.

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