Bleeding pains of love

September 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Read my mind look into my heart.All I see is your face painting amillion words that describe the way I feel pain,fear,hate,love,you.Please, keep me in your arms and tell me you love me.Destroying the magic killing your lips with mine, feeling the passionate sense "god I hate this" but why does it feel so right.Is it the way you looked at me or the way I felt when you passed me as my heart raced like a cheetah killing for prey.Get,out of my head stay away from me but, I can't help it I want you so bad it hurts like hell!!! Your voive was a song I love,your eyes were a magnifine glass I couldn't stay out of, your lips magnets that seem to attract to my lip, and your hands "god" I can't help but to faint when they touch me.Something...Someone that could make me feel so in love but could hurt me to death at the same the bleeding pains of love and that's just the way it goes...right?

The author's comments:
What type of pain I feel about him.

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