"I" This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   I. I wake up,

Do I stand?

Do I sleep?

II. I stand on the cliff side,

I look over the edge, beautiful,

Do I jump?

Will I fly?

III. I pick up the ball,

How will I throw it?

Will I do it right?

Will I get him out?

IV. I look in my math book,

Do I need this crap?

Does anyone use this?

I ask my teacher when,

She does not know.

V. Who can I rely on?

People are just stories,

Which story do I like to listen to?

Which morals are for me?

VI. I turn on my television,

Which show shall I watch?

How will it affect me?

When you swim with sharks ...

VII. Who is my mentor?

Do I not talk like the comedian?

Do I not fight like the soldier?

Do I act like the mime?

Do I have an identity or am I a clone?

VIII. What is my purpose?

Am I destine or do I choose?

Do I write my own script?

Who will read it?

IX. Where am I?

Am I on a deserted island?

Am I the only conscious one on a populated one?

The sky is dark, but it does not rain,

What is this place I have lived in all my life?

It is foreign to me.

X. Where did my childhood go?

Did someone steal it?

Did I waste it?

Was one give to me?

How do YOU laugh?

Teach me!

XI. Will I succeed?

I know I can,

Does anyone else know I can?

Who stands in my way?

Shall I slay them or be slain?

XII. Am I awake yet?

Is this a dream?

When will I wake up from this nightmare of confusion?

Whats more, who will wake me?

I am sacred.

XIII. How will I die?



Have I already died?

Who knows me that can keep me alive?

I am alone,

I need to live,

I am not dead,

I am a child ...

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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