Smokey Souls

September 12, 2009
Life: Splattered on the floor; hopelessly injured; burning.
Oh why?
The world is turning; leaping, yearning for a new breakthrough.
Break: A lack of secure evidence; you’re faltered façade; common sense.
But nothing seems to quench my burning.
I am burning.
I am learning that every step I take is salt water tears and acid; hungry acid eating everything in sight.
Melting through what’s wrong, what’s right, and burning?
Through me;
I am burning.
Feet flaming, arms charring, legs smoking, face falling.
Face fallen, shards of myself gray as ash but hot as flame.
Flame that takes no blame
Nor shame
Nor anything
And everything
Or nothing?
Oh why?
So innocent, so definite, so permanent and discouraging flame.
Wrapped up inside my flames, I cry
But water runs dry and perhaps iridescent
Or perhaps convalescent to invisibility.
Perhaps my tears are fake and made by pain?
Imagined by flames, such friendly flames
For I am burning.
Watch me stand upon my pedestal and burn
Watch me fall hard to the ground and watch me burn.
Watch my smoke soaked soul float up and white flames engulf my heart
To crisp and center my impurities.
Oh why?
I tried to cleanse myself and fix my wounds well with all I could
And yet the fiery match I struck has stuck to me in my mind’s hell.
I twitch and twinge and break and fall and come together from being apart.
I’m blinded by seeing and deafened by hearing.
I’m struck dumb by my knowing and learning and teaching.
I age by my youth and I die by my age.
I can’t stop the flames; I will not stop the fames.
I cannot.
I want not.
Oh why?
Because, I am burning.
I am burning.

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