Mess at Midnight

September 12, 2009
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I can't tell what's going on
Everything around me is spinning
And It won't stop,
Like a never ending roller coaster.

Where is everyone?
I don't hear anything,
I also can't see anything.

It is pitch black.
Why can't I remember?

“Is there anyone there?”
“What's going on.”

I think I am falling,
But no one is catching me.
So I hit the floor,
It is cold and hard,
I can not get up.

I see a glimpse of light,
It's the moon.
It is full and shining brighter than ever.
It must be midnight.
The light burns my eyes, not able to adjust.

I think I'm forgetting something,
Wait... it's all coming back to me now.

And that is when I remember.
I am alone, in a hole,
And I am never getting out.

The spinning stopped,
But now that I remember...

I rather it start again.

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