The Mirror

September 12, 2009
By LolJusMe BRONZE, Lewis Center, Ohio
LolJusMe BRONZE, Lewis Center, Ohio
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We take a step back—
To look to the mirror,
and see the untold truth.

A thought of recklessness,
A feeling of despair—
Amidst clear chaos,
We release our tattered soul.

With Trembling hands,
Through Unfamiliar eyes,
We see ourselves
with Scattered identity.

As if through Clouded mirror
we observe the light,
shining through our
dull, Misshapen eyes.

We reach out a helping hand,
Ignored by we who need it most—
We shriek laments and sympathy,
To the only name we have ever known.

“Awaken from this trepid sleep,
Answer my frenzied call.
The Demonic shade will keep
all of us who fall.

As we question our existence—
Onward until the voice is heard,
We see ourselves from a distance
A reality blurred.

And across the plains of fate we run,
Past unknown land and sea,
For one last glimpse of sun
We would fight for an eternity.

We arise to greet the simple sky,
And amass the shades of grey—
But we can never spread our wings and fly,
To this very day”

By these solemnly uttered words we live,
And by them we shall die.
A truth untold to generations,
Covered with softly spoken lie.

Where Ignorance is truly bliss,
To those who cannot see.
But to those blind souls
I feel naught but sympathy.

The author's comments:
If you don't get it, pay attention to the capitals and subtext.

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