One Night

September 11, 2009
By , North Hampton, NH
Laying on the dew-covered grass,
a pond below, clear as glass.
Against the moonlight the water sparkles,
the first bright star against the dark sky twinkles.
Millions of speckles light up the night sky,
one soars overhead where I lie.

Why aren't you here to share this with me?
I sit up, wishing you were here to see.

There's a new shadow under a single tree,
I don't see you, but you see me.
I hope and wish for it to be you drawing near,
to embrace and kiss you with nothing to fear.
The shadow comes closer and steps into the light,
the butterflies in my stomach take flight.

A breeze floats by as I breathe in deep,
the air so fresh tries to fill me with sleep.
You walk up to me and look into my eyes,
you make me blush so I look up to the skies.

You sit down next to me on the ground,
kiss me unexpectedly you make my head spin 'round.
Cuddling closely we both lay back down,
all alone, nowhere near a city or town.
Meteors fall and streak the black sky above,
happy to be sharing this with the one that I love.

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