A Valentine's Proposal MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   You're my knight of shining armor.

My prince without a doubt.

You're a loyal, handsome charmer,

I only wish you'd figure out

That I love you and I want you

to be my only one.

I anxiously await the day when

all your love is won.

Nightly I envision you,

resting in my arms.

Your love wrapping me like a quilt,

protecting me from harm.

A shelter of warmth I have found,

When I vision you near me

You turn my world around,

gone is all my insecurity.

Your bright blue eyes when you are smiling,

always make me smirk.

Sometimes I may not talk to you

for fear of being a jerk.

But let's cut out all the nervousness,

And leave anxiety behind,

'Cause all I need to know is

Would you be my Valentine?

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