Ode To My Feet MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   With guilt my mind does now my mouth dictate

To honor two fine workers and to state

That it has surely been too long a wait

To greet my worthy FEET - which are first rate!

It's true that no one does appreciate

These body parts which carry so much weight

And so, their glories I now indicate

By thanking both my right foot and its mate:

"Oh thank you, my dear friends, who often sate

My expectations - do not abdicate

Your low position or your soles deflate

With thoughts of baseness; these will all abate

As I, to you, these kudos designate.

Oh thank you for running when I am late

And cramming into heels when on a date,

For tapping patiently during a wait

And making do with toes ugly innate

For failing, somehow, me to aggravate

When wracked by cuts and warts, which we both hate

While wearing shoes which soon disintegrate

(Their length never exceeding a size eight).

Oh yes! And just to clean that nasty slate

If ever excess does inebriate

My brain, please help me walk that straight line straight,

Please carry me away from useless prate

And dance when I'm alone and desolate

And raise my body from the heel to pate

When I'm too tired to lift that heavy freight

And I, in turn, will surely emulate

Your efforts, if my will is half so great.

So cheer and never be disconsolate

For you are prized past what man can equate!"

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