Reader of My Dreams

September 11, 2009
A heartbeat,
There hither many memories
Of a year past given...
Full of life - where I dreamt of beauty
And wished of her besides me.

A near forgotten memory I would wake
Before dawn by a joyful muse.
With at end came an envious moon.
Here, I dreamt of love, that was far older than I
And much stronger than my heart could handle.
For a mortal's dream is all it was.

So I write, so this memory cannot be stolen;
To share my remembrance later on, again and again.
Hoping to feel that feeling of a time, over and over.
The feeling of the love I shared with many.
Courting the hope and the chastity of life.

For I have now been angered by pain past;
Angered still by given pain. Received abundantly in my darkest soul.
This prompts more evil than a mortal's heart can hold.
Evil that burrows my unconscious mind.
I ponder upon memories thus, to have renewed hope.
To enlighten my soul, give life to my heart, and bring clear to my head.

Time - I cannot waste...
For life does not. Therefore, it is my duty to find hope, in love.
So I can lavish it on thee, the reader from which fares my love.
And my hope to be shared with faith
In the reader of my dreams which were dreamt-
Long ago.

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