Good vs. Evil

September 10, 2009
By SUIXIS SILVER, Spring Valley, New York
SUIXIS SILVER, Spring Valley, New York
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There’s a torn up battlefield inside
making me lose my sense of pride
with my life
which is so full of strife.
So I sit in my dark room
hoping, praying, and awaiting my doom.
To end the sadness sorrow and pain
and clear up this heavy rain

Can’t tell if they are open or close
because right now its darker than I know
Or could it be I'm looking at my soul.
All these deeds have paid its toll
Punished by the gods for living.
The pain from my sentence is still ringing
all throughout my body till it all ceases,
My body hits the ground and my soul falls to pieces

But then the pain decreases
I realized I was just being crazy
since my mind was very hazy
from my past recent events
but I’m not going to let this prevent
what I wanna do

My everlasting smile turned 2 a frown
I start to question my life now
The significance is gone to me
With no reason left to be
I begin to walk down an endless highway
I scream in the distance before I say
Goodbye, so I unclench my fist
and fall to a place where I don’t exist

But I resist
these feelings because they aren’t who I am
I’m just mixed up inside but like dam
why even consider these things
I have friends who bring
me joy and a girl
who one day I wanna give a ring
to but till then put on my wings
and fly away from the kings...of sadness

But when all shun you
what do you do
when there is no one who
really has a clue.
too much was lost
So no matter the cost
I'll get it back
And that’s a fact
but its in a place
where none can see my face
I'm leaving forever
And I'm coming back never
I cant leave the people who care for me
I know if I get into an accident they’ll pull out of the debris
with the JRKS, brothers to the end
and holder of my heart which ill do anything to defend

In death I look for salvation
or even If it leads to condemnation
I need to cut loose
with the help of this noose
I step off my bed and say
bye to whom made me this way

The author's comments:
This is actually a combination of my poems to a friend and he ones he sent me back. I was really sad and he tried to show me what I had and how I had so much to live for

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