The Journey

September 21, 2009
By Henry SILVER, Springfield, Missouri
Henry SILVER, Springfield, Missouri
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The road is lonely and the journey long
But I must keep my faith I must stay strong
I’ve been cast away and pushed aside
Wallowing in emptiness I’ve had to abide
I live in a state of constant pain
Will and can my life ever change
The lies and broken promises engrained in my head
I feel like my inner soul is already dead
I put on a mask to hide from others
I want to be left alone with my struggles
Some days I live in total darkness
Afraid to face life and the reality of its harshness
But what do I do if I wish to be free
If I no longer want fear to control me
I am afraid of the journey ahead
How can you salvage something that’s already dead
But my fear to what I will become in my present state
Leaves me desperate to find some kind of escape
Will I seek to confide in others help
Or will I take the journey by myself
The road is uncertain and at times may seem bleak
But peace within me is what I seek
There will be times I think I cannot venture on
That’s when I will seek the motivation to stay strong
This is the journey I will take so that I can set myself free
I am seeking to find and rescue the inner me
The road is lonely and the journey long
But I must keep my faith I must stay strong

The author's comments:
Everyone has a personal journey that they must embark on. I hope this gives you the inspiration to look at your journey and find the courage to face its challenges. It is my hope that you are victorious in the end.

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