Audition MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I will stand in front of them with a young heart.

We are mutual strangers who judge each other

in the blink of our lives' eyes.

They will peg me with a voice, body, personality TYPE.

Thirty minutes will decide a fate that they hold

the remote control to.

Someone else once decided their own fate that

led them to lead a bitter and routine existence

Their candle burned out long ago,

with a wish that never materializied.

His face is hazy in the shadows while her frizzy

head of hair is slightly cocked to the left.

A frenzied assistant scribbles notes on her

ninety-nine cent legal pad.

She converses with him as I speak to the accompanist

They will not divulge their thoughts because they have

worn masks of superiority ever since they were proven

guilty. But I, I am still innocent until proven guilty.

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