Just Open Your Eyes And See... MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Just Open Your Eyes and See ...

If you find your eyes are dry

and somehow wish that you could cry

There is a way to make these tears a possibility

For people cry when they feel pain

or feel their faces burn with shame

And I know the way to make these tears a grim reality

These emotions will not be feigned

as soon as you can find the strength

And consequently you will feel the tears roll down your cheeks

If you can bear to take a peek

Just open your eyes and see

But promise you will keep in mind

You will not find tranquillity

My warning will be well observed

once you find yourself unnerved

And shaken at the thought that this is all there is to see

I would suggest a blindfold

or some way to block the sight; but

This would contradict the point so nobody would see the light

We march around in circles

preaching out about what's right

We can't expect those few who fight to save us overnight

Our delusions of immunity

cause us to think we'll meet no harm

But if we don't face the truth our accomplishments are none

If we don't put our fears aside

and at least attempt to take bold strides

We forfeit any chance we had at living peacefully

War and hate will always be

If we don't open our eyes and see

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