For A Friend, And More

September 19, 2009
By rain_e_days BRONZE, Taipei, Other
rain_e_days BRONZE, Taipei, Other
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And how could I have known
That fateful day we met
Would mark us to the bone
Make us never forget…?

What started out so grand
Intricate and fine
A friendship hand-in-hand
Blissful and divine,

I think I knew somehow
I’d known you all along
But explaining why and how?
My words would come out wrong,

You were the one I found
A horizon unexplored
The song that held me bound
The one whom I adored,

But nothing lasts forever
All good things come and go
Though I wish it had been never
You made the choice – how could I say no?

Say no to what you wanted
Refuse to any need
And then, when it truly counted
True to your words I’d heed,

Even when it pains me
When your words pierce through my heart
I’ll try to be there faithfully
From back to front, and back to start,

Because how you think of us
I cannot comprehend
That time when we discussed
You liking me… as a friend.

I loved you to begin
Gave everything I had
Perhaps my sweetest sin
Was secretly, I was glad,

Happy to be with you
To be within your life
Helping by and through
The hardships and the strife,

I suppose I never noticed
Your boundaries that you set
…of all things, that was cruelest
The one thing I regret,

But I’ll never regret the moment
However much it hurts
The time I thought you wouldn’t–
But did, and rewarded my efforts,
With that kiss.

Because now I know the meaning
Of ‘bittersweet’ memories
They’re wonderful and heartbreaking
Make you wish that time would freeze,

Even though it only speeds
Picks up the pace at once
So the next day I watched you recede
Gone in the next instance,

And now our ties are damaged
While the bracelet’s colors fade
Could it be so ravaged
That it cannot be remade?

There’s a part of me that’s missing
A piece that’s broken down
Inside, my brain keeps screaming
That pretty soon I’ll drown,

If amends are not exchanged
Apologies not accepted
If facts don’t rearrange
If loose strings remain un-braided,

…I think I’ll say it now
To try and make it right
And hopefully somehow
We’ll make it through tonight,

I’m sorry for my errors
All the times I slipped
Whenever I caused you anger
Or made you fall and trip,

I’ve tried my best to keep you
Never let you go
But what kind of friend would do
That, stoop down so very low?

So now it’s time to fly
To move on from what’s been done
I’ll sit down for one last cry
Then stand up and face the sun,

I won’t forget you ever
In this life or the next
And in my heart you’ll never
Be erased from in the text,

‘Cause it was you who showed me first
How beautiful life could be
The new unquenchable thirst
Now burns inside of me,

How lovely the world appears
When you share it with another
One who wipes away your tears
Is your friend, guardian, lover,

And even in the future
If I find another angel
Who grabs my heart to capture
I’ll always remain still faithful,

To the memories I have of us
The perfect, heavenly moments
When I was filled with gladness
For your friendship and your patience,

It’s hard to say how much
I’ll miss you when I leave
That’s why these times we have to clutch
Never forget and always believe,

Then if we chance to meet again
If our paths converge once more
I’ll keep hoping for that possible ‘when’
We’ll renew the bond we swore:

We’ll be best friends forever
Though it may seem hard to be
Cause hereon things only get better
And will finally set us free.

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