My Dear

September 19, 2009
It’s time to get up and move on my dear,
He said before she moved away,
Before you go my dear he said,
There’s something else I need to say
I’ll miss you dear please don’t forget
The great times we’ve had over the years,
But love there’s one thing I regret
And it is how I’ve caused those tears
Those tears that are rolling down your cheek
Each have their own undefined meaning
My dear I’m sorry for the things I’ve said
That may have been demeaning
I’ll love you forever and a day my dear
But now’s the time for you to go
Don’t ever forget I’m only a phone call away
Regardless if it does not feel like so
We’ve each made our own mistakes,
And had times where we wanted to run
But now my dear you’re moving on
And don’t you forget that you’re my only one.
I’ll miss you dear he said to her as she got up to move away
The truck rolled down that gravel road on that not so sunny day
That was the moment when the world felt like it was about to end
Not only had he lost his love – but also his best friend.
The countless sheets of written words
That they shared over the years
The feelings left on those sheets
Still hold their real tears.
It was love written on those sheets
That love was crisply defined
But what is not clear right now my dear
Is how you’re still stuck in my mind

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