Ode To Love And Marriage MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


O courtly love whose merits once told

Of gallant feelings to unfold.

His maiden seen aloft on a star,

His heart and soul did she but hold.

In blissful marriage these two did share

In passing time turn love more fair.

The two grow old as lovers do,

True love even death cannot snare.

O commitment most sweet, with trial and pain,

Virtuous love is never in vain.

Tested true by time unerring,

Such a union cannot feign.


In later times, love came unknown,

The face of the betrothed was left unshawn.

By arrangement did Cupid's arrow fly,

And the two were left to begin alone.

Although such a union of convenience would create father and mother,

The two in time would learn to love each other,

And forge a bond which would conquer any test

And each other's gaze would not seek another.

Love such as this, though arranged by man,

May grow and flower beyond the plan.

Two willing souls can ignite the flame,

The fire of love, their spirits will fan.


But alas, love in contemporary time is unknown.

Selfish, careless seeds are sown.

Courtly love is but a myth.

Committed passions are dead as stone.

The children, they shall understand,

Their parents' love has turned to sand.

Each one seeking to be free,

And not one left to hold the hand.

Unending love seems just a fable,

As darkened hearts sit at the table.

The child hopes and dreams anew,

Perhaps tomorrow they will be able.

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