At Least you Know

September 18, 2009
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I love you forever and always,
Even if you don't love me back,

Maybe you'll read this probably not,
but if you do you know what this is about,

You used to tease me and pull on my hair,
but still I fell for you hard,

Falling in love with you,
was like jumping from a 10 story building,

Before you realize you jumped you've already hit the ground,

I was a shy girl and you were loud and outgoing,
Your deep brown eyes that no one else noticed,

My friends didn't understand why I picked you,
I could have any guy I wanted but you were different,

I kept my love for you a secret for two whole years,
I remember how I told you through a text,

I regret being so shy but it was the only way I could confess,
Your repely was "OK Kool" that's it,

I was so confused and nervous about seeing you the next day,
When I saw you you didn't change you didn't avoid me it wasn't awkward,

That's when i figured out you cared,
Maybe you weren't in love with me but you still loved me,
I'm happy that I told you and I'm grateful that you stayed my friend,

I remember the day that you told me you were moving,
we joked around about it at first partly because I was in denial,

I'm keeping your picture and words preserved in my mind,
The night you told me I cried a lot and afterwords I didn't feel any better,

I'll never know if you felt the same way about me,
But I'm just glad you know how I feel about you... And that it will never change.

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jonas_chic899 said...
Apr. 27, 2010 at 5:57 pm
awwww thats a good story/poem!!5 starss
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