Just an innocent fantasy

September 18, 2009

Just an innocent fantasy

Now begging to grasp the rusty door knob, All five fingers carress and quiver, anticipation gives a shiver, as you wait for the golden squeek, you slowly turn the rusting metal

For the gutsy feeling tells me I should release and shy away, save it for another day

In and beyond this passageway, a wonderland, what I believe could it really be true?

Refusing to doubt it’s fiction, she stands here on a mission!

She fears suffering the disappointment it may bring her, if it all may not exist

She goes to bed early, leaving her imagination singing, she knew she wanted what this wonderland was bringing

When the blue bird calls out morning, and the sun welcomes in reality, she quickly will walk slowly

Lay right in front of the door, close your eyes and let the story be told

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