September 18, 2009
Part 1:
The outcasts and loners, live a life of misery. And so, they walk the road of darkness and despair, with only loneliness as a companion. And as they trudge along those monotonous streets of gray, they wonder what could have been. How they could be. Wondering if anyone else has ever felt as lonely or as cold. Wondering if they could ever change, into something better. But they just keep walking. With a mask to hide the pain, they make their way through life. Waiting for the day when the streets will end.
Part 2:
The streets of Lonely are filled with dieing people. Shells of men and women on the outside, with suffering souls on the in. They drag themselves along, screaming for a way out. And then, like a beacon of light through a fog, a voice murmurs from up above. A soothing voice like the softest of silk. Saying: “ My children. Worry no longer about the pain you feel. Let your troubles melt away. Let my love surround you and protect you. Come my children Give me your broken hearts and I shall fix them.” And in an instant they knew. They walked faster now. No longer did they trudge without a purpose, but instead they ran full speed into the light. And in their hearts a great love was placed. And they were filled.

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