Summer Breezes MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   As I say good-bye to summer breezes and days of endless fun,

I see the colors of the trees turn from a bright emerald green,

to sparkling rubies and gold looking,

similar to a sunrise, a dawn.

A dawn is a beginning, a rebirth, so is the commencing of school.

This is the time to meet new friends and teachers,

a time to learn more than you ever thought you could.

I walk down the halls seeing old faces and new,

I feel jumbled in this mess of marbles.

Restless I wait as the teacher gives us that consistent lecture.

I try to pay attention, but my mind drifts away,

to summer breezes and waves that always ebb on.

Like seasons are these waves,

always ebbing on no matter how hard you try to stop


Bing! The bell goes off waking me from my daydream,

startled and flustered.

I hurry to my next class expecting the same lecture.

To my surprise this teacher was different,

she made me laugh and wasn't boring at all.

The girl in front of me turned to me and smiled.

I felt a wave of happiness rush through me.

Maybe this year will be different.

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