Judgement Hell...

September 18, 2009
By Silvikas BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Silvikas BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Everything will be fine
But first I’ll go out of my mind
Trying to fit my life btw 2 carefully drawn lines
As my feelings are confined
Inside a box that society has refined
To show us all, to remind
Us of the expectations of our mankind
Because we are supposed to be entwined
As one combined
In case one of us goes blind
Trying to find
It all behind
I now know my place, it’s assigned
Perfectly designed
And I dare not have it declined
They are so rude, so unkind
And they see I have resigned
Even though I’m divine
But why whine?
Why in hell see the signs?
Why shine?
Its okay, the talent is not mine
And as you say, I’ll be just fine
After my life is imprisoned in those 2 lines aligned

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