Incredibly Porcelain MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   they wrote about you, you know

the sensational woman

tapping your thigh highs

you weren't made from the same

element of fire

you stood, empire wasted

imagined as the pixie with lust

lead the way with rubies

glory struck your chariot

horse-drawn fantasies and pills, pills, pills

your fire-burned hands can still reach

everything you began

shots on your backside

intoxicated to the throne

you set the naked stage we waltz upon

tortured to a tragic clown's degree

make-up and heritage

were all you had

suffocation like an infant

you always were small

and frail and incredibly porcelain

the china doll's face, broken

though you tried to be vamp

sword's, mouth, carriages

they continue to dream of you

the air speaks of a person

unimaginable that you were real.

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