I Didn't Have MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Sure I would take my.

And do all the things

I planned to do. Try

everything and enjoy

all the wonderful things

this world has to offer.

But that malevolent is

always on my back. forces

me to weed out so many things

that I looked forward to when

I was young, before I ran out of.

is that monster of all monsters

who ruins everything in the short

future ahead. makes you grow older

and older cause you're not paying


This monster hangs on everybody's

back setting dates for term papers,

your curfew, and how long your

summer vacation is, that is, if

you have the to notice it.

Everybody has their limit when

they must leave this world

whether they want to or not.

It's what makes everybody sad

because people leave.

It's that is the true enemy,

not gangs killing innocent

people, or lost countries

causing war where America

has to come over and play hero.

Anyway, thanks for taking the

to listen, I hope I didn't waste

yours. Maybe I'll write again if

I have. Until next.

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