How the World Succumbed to Hatred

September 17, 2009
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Walking in the woods
on a crisp Autumn day,
listening to the wind
whisper through the trees,
The cracking of sticks
from unknown sources,
Alone in the depth of
endless woods,
Completely vulnerable to all
the woods weapons,
beginning to be frightened
I can't find my way out,
the woods have swallowed me
from the world's existence,
so all I have now are the
wind and the trees,
They talk to me at night and
whisper throughout the day,

A tousand years later an opening appears,
But the world I used to know succumbed to hatred,
Not enough love to fill the air
not enough kindness to breathe,
the world got tired of listening to hate,
so it ended it's life and shut it's ears,
so you see that's why I'm all alone,
full of love but no one to share it with,
I'll rebuild the world and create all new people,
but I'll leave out one thing and that thing is called hatred.

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