Fear MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I sat waiting.

Nervous, like smoke,

blowing furiously in the wind

I took a test yesterday;

Today I'm getting it back.

My name is coming up soon -

I can feel it in my bones, like I feel a thunderous

storm coming, waiting to drop its monsoon down

to the earth underneath.

I hear my name called, try to stand up

and fall right back down again.

My legs are like twigs, but wobble more

And my head is spinning like a typhoon, only ten times faster.

I try to calm myself, but it is hard.

I get up again

and this time make it up to the teacher's desk.

I'm the last person to be called.

Mine must be the lowest grade.

I start to panic.

The teacher's face is frowning.

I know I only got one question right.

I can see it now, on my refrigerator

A nice big "F,"

which will stand out like fire in a brown forest.

The teacher tells me

she forgot to mark my test;

That's okay.

Now I just have to wait

Until tomorrow when

I will have the pleasure

of going through it all again.

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