Silent Night MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   One clear, dark evening, a man looked out into space.

He thought of so many things: his life, his potential,

his fate. What he saw above is indescribable.

What he learned, immeasurable.

As he sat, the world kept turning, paying little attention

to him. Oh, he had so much to say.

And so, he took the twilight into his confidence and told all.

Did those little dots listen? How could he know.

He sat captivated all night.

There were so many of them, but one of him.

They saw everything; he, very little. And yet even though they

change, they will always be there, twinkling silently.

So for a night, all problems, doubts, worries, set with the sun,

and his mind was as serene as his view was majestic.

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