Life MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Stop it.

I don't like being stared at ...

I don't care if you think my clothes are strange, I like dressing this way.

Eye-catching, isn't it.

I seem to be catching the wrong eyes ... leave me alone.

Cut it out -


If you need one, ask. How hard can that be, even for a rude guy like yourself.


That was my foot.

Yeah, I do have another one.

They're more valuable as a pair.

Am I in a bad Mood?

Well, gee, do brussels sprout? What do you think.

Yes, I know my ear is infected.

Why do people think that I don't know when something like that is wrong.

It is MY body, after all.


I hate walking through this hallway.

I always get hit with someone's OOOF!


It never fails.

No, I didn't shove you on purpose - my hands just hit your skinny back really hard.

What do you think, Einstein?

Yes, I am making fun of you.

No, I don't want to take this outside - I'd be late for class.

Oui, je parle anglais.

Non, je n'aime pas cette classe.

Fried macaroni - my favorite lunch.

No, I have no money left.

I only had enough for lunch, that was all.

I'm broke, okay? SCRAM

No, please don't apologize -

I enjoy getting my lunch shoved in my lap.

It's sooo much fun. Ah, how I love the smell of a locker room right after lunch.

Star Wars? Great, I love that game!

Oh, right, these teams look really even, don't they.

I'll tag you, just hold your horses.

Geez. Doesn't anyone else think the balls are too fast when you can hear them?

Yes, that does hurt.

Can we say "excessive force"?

Very good boys and girls.

Tryouts. Thank goodness.

Just as long as we don't have to

"Run a lap around the school!"

C'mon, give me a break.

Well, you run a lap, then pitch, then bat, then run some more.

Then how great do you think you'll feel?

Ah, IcyHot.

God's gift to sore muscles.

Nuts. There's none left.

Now to wait two hours for a ride home.

That's okay, I'm comfortable.

Mmmmm, I love the silence of the library. I just hope my seat won't


make any noise.

I'm sorry. I understand how important quiet is when you're trying to read a teenybopper


If looks could kill ...

Hi, Mom.

Yeah, my day was fine; no, I don't have much homework.

I just need to take some notes, read fifty pages for English, and solve twelve math


Don't worry, I'll get it done.

I SAID I'll finish it.

I'm sorry. I know you've had a rough day.

It seems like you always do lately.

Is Dad going to be home tonight?

He hasn't been home for dinner in so long I'm not really sure what he looks like anymore.

I know. I'm just dripping with sarcasm today, aren't I?

I know it's not healthy to skip meals.

I'm not hungry tonight and I don't think that it would be any healthier to force myself to


Goodnight, Mom.

Why didn't Jay tie down the dog run?

It's tossing in the wind and smacking up against the balcony.

I'll never get to slee ...


Time to get up and face another wonderful day.

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