A Great Paradox MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   100 girls in veils.

single file outside your door.

their pale fragility crying for your love.

their frozen hearts, screaming for your warmth.

you stare through the peep hole.

wanting to heal them all,

but knowing that isn't possible ...

crying, as if you are some sort of savior.

... which is the last thing you want to be ...

or maybe the first.

their sad eyes crucify your soul.

you pace back and forth.

pondering their fate.

Trying to decipher between life and death,

like a demigod trying to create a perfect world.

I sit in the corner of your shadow.

I look to you, and you stare deep into my eyes.

everything disappears.

because for that moment, the world IS perfect.

and you realize during that brief moment of perfection,

that you don't have to be a demigod.

you don't have to be their savior.

and you don't have to open your door.

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