Window Open MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Window open curtains flying full moon showing stars are crying

Hair isruffled sheets untouched eyes are wild in my clutch

Knuckles white butclimbing slowly face turned downward

frightened lowly,

Voices searchingempty bed solitude inside my head

Window open streetlight glowingroad reflecting passion growing

Air is trembling feet are steady breath iscaught and I am ready

Listen to the music playing sky is singing earth isswaying

Standing on the highest slate fingers fidget wind islate

Window open air is black ice-cold hands upon myback

Laughter flowing lips are grinning night surrenders I amwinning

Toes are flexing arms are pointed sky is weeping earthanointed

Face turn upwards voice commanding on the wind a spiritstanding

Window open tempest night falling upward distantlight

Lungs rejoicing air surrounding vision growing blood ispounding

Freedom conquers body dancing song immortal beatentrancing

Mundane fading from my mind sky ahead and earthbehind.

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