Tomorrow's Memories MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Tomorrow's memories long to

embrace ancient passions and

ingest pounds of joyful human


Yesterday's tears sufficiently

warm the surface for future cries

of love, harmony, and internal


Regret, anger, and outmoded values

shatter past mistakes with a

displacement of forgiving substances.

Unforgettable times in years to come

vigorously compete with past years

for eternity.

Competition, bitter to the senses,

never touches truth to a significant

degree and consequently fails to

admit that the past and future must

work as one to paint the present

on a pure white canvas.

Intentions of pleasure drown in a

dead sea never to exist in the

potential future.

Love and care for yesterday's moments,

live today's joys,

and enjoy the sweet taste of

tomorrow's memories.

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