The Mix In The Middle MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The sweet shop of goodies, shelves full of treats.

People come swarming, for these devilish sweets.

Run by addiction, from what lurks in the mix.

Children in costumes get treats with their tricks.

Bite through the coating to a tough, gooey middle.

Sit back while the baker plays songs on his fiddle.

Sucking on gumdrops, which ooze out with jelly.

As sugar-plum fairies come dance in your belly.

Where once it was sacred, now the candyman stands.

Screaming to all of his red, sticky hands.

"Come all my children," you hear the man cry.

"I have marshmallow bunnies for all to come try."

His voice starts to tremble, his pitch shrieks up high.

So please heed my warning, just keep walking by.

Go past all this madness, till you reach a green door.

Behind it are lollipops and chocolates galore.

Once again you've found soundness, now stay, make it last,

'Cause the light keeps on moving, and the mood changes fast.

For if you're not careful, the pops they will mold,

And the hot chocolate syrup will get lumpy and cold.

So there you sit floating, the world passing by,

your body still grounded, but your thoughts are all high.

Drowning in rivers of sugary dreams,

Swimming through gummies and thick chocolate streams.

A tall fire burns, and the little elves dance.

Around and around all the little ones prance.

You can see in their eyes that they've eaten their sweets.

And now they fell free from the wonderful treats.

So you start to join in on their strange little games,

But they send you away and they call you bad names.

So alone now, you shiver, with nowhere to turn.

You shouldn't have eaten that sweet, now you'll learn.

You are destined to live in this sinful, sweet mess,

Until the day comes when your soul is at rest.

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