More Than Touch

September 16, 2009
By Avie13 BRONZE, Birmingham, Michigan
Avie13 BRONZE, Birmingham, Michigan
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The rain was flying that night,
Down from the heavens above,
Or hell,
Because I couldn't,
Be sure which way was up,

And you were there,
Somehow you’re always there,

And the grass was lush and cradled,
Our bodies as we lay in the fields,
And my daisies met your bumble bees,

For some reason,
Here in the bright night,
The rain kissed our fragile frames,
And we did not touch,
But let each other breathe the air,
The other breathed,
Steal imagined kisses and future promises,
Break the hearts we thought were ours,
So mine can become yours,

The sun will not catch us tonight,
We’ve left all life behind,
Here in the midnight,
Because we don’t even have to touch,
To feel,
Nor speak,
To hear,
And we don’t know anything else,
But the other,

All other thought has been lost,
Crushed by the overbearing curiosity,
Of the person with big brown eyes gazing into ours,
Being kissed by the rain,
In our field,

I know you, I have always known you,
You know me,
The way you have,
Known me
And we don’t need touch,
Because some how I’ve felt you,
Before any of this,
Had begun.

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