Love On Trial MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   You say you don't love each other


And so one of you leaves and slams the apartment


You both think it's for

The best.

You need to have a little time

To rest.

But what about Billy?

You've only been together for

Five years.

And most of your disagreements

End in tears.

Your relationship is coming to an


And someone new is coming 'round

The bend.

But what about Billy?

You explain to him that Mommy's

Gone away.

But she'll be back to see him some

Other day.

Billy can't tell what's really

Going on.

All he knows is that now his mom

Is gone.

And Billy doesn't understand.

Things just aren't working out the way

They should.

And one of you would change if only the other


But you say that you can't live together


So one of you leaves and the other slams

The door.

Where does that leave Billy?

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