Defining Moment

September 13, 2009
By pickledcookie BRONZE, Tyler, Texas
pickledcookie BRONZE, Tyler, Texas
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There's music, tears, screaming... and it's echoed all around the world. My country is entering a new era. A new chapter is beginning in the book of history.

This is a defining moment.

This is where dreams come true, and tears are shed. I am writing through a defining moment for our nation and our world... and it is no less than amazing. I mean, how many people have never thought they would see this day?

The nation is transforming before my eyes, and all I can do is sit in its presence. It is moments like these that remind me that history is not limited to the pages of our school textbooks, but it's truly a work in progress. A work in motion. A work that's being added to daily. I am writing one of the entries in America's 'journal.'

And for this one moment, nothing else is permitted to matter.

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