I Wish I Knew

September 13, 2009
By angel11 PLATINUM, Co Spgs, Colorado
angel11 PLATINUM, Co Spgs, Colorado
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What is it that lets us live?
is it the heart that beats within me, or is it oxygen that gives...

What's in me that makes me breathe?
is it the blood that pumps within my veins or is it something i believe...

What is it that makes me dead, contrary to the living?
at what point does a decease fight until its my life its wining...

what decides to let a heart stop, keeps it from moving on?
to live there in a body and then next you know, its gone...

what makes its first beat special, what pushes it to life?
and when its beat a billion times what gives death a right...

What margin is that difference to create or start death?
what glorious grace has there been placed upon our shallow breathe...

How is there such a difference when you look down at a shell?
and see there was once life in there, now its gone to heaven or maybe hell...

When someone has moved on and left there costume behind?
what is it that makes their heart run cold, what was it that made her mine...

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