September 6, 2009
By , Lewiston, ID
Hold me so close,
Hear your heart beat fast.
Wishing this would always last,
Forget about our past.
Loving every moment,
Feeling safe with you to hold.
I dont ever want to let go,
knowing that i have to,
brings me to tears eachtime.
Wishing i could hug you,
And tell me it will be alright.
You'll wait right hear beside me,
Till the timeing is just right.
will be together someday,
With Heavens shining light.
I know you truly love me,
and I know i feel the same.
Holding me so closly,
hearing your heart beat so fast.
Wishing this would always last,
And that we could forget about our past.

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ctrisha3 said...
Sept. 16, 2009 at 8:57 pm
This is really a great piece! Loved it!
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